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Your Teeth Are Amazing!

Your Teeth Are Amazing!







Here are 5 interesting tooth facts about teeth.

1. People have been taking care of their teeth for centuries!
The first toothbrushes were twigs that our ancestors chewed to fray the ends and clean their teeth. Egyptians, around 5000 BC, used crushed eggshells as a tooth polish. By 1700, there were bone handles with boar bristles inserted into small holes to use as toothbrushes. Brushes of the type we know today were available in the 1930’s and electric brushes appeared in 10954.

2. Your teeth can tell a lot about you.
Scientific study can use teeth to help reveal how old you are, what you eat and drink, or what serious illnesses you may have had.

3. Each tooth is unique.
Of your 20 “baby teeth” and your 32 permanent teeth, no two are alike. They vary within your mouth and from person to person.

4. Your teeth are already developing before you are born.
Although the first baby teeth erupt around 4-6 months, their crowns are already in place under the gums at birth. Fun fact: In 1950, the average tooth got 25 cents from the tooth fairy. Today, it is around $2.00.

5. Clean between the teeth, not just the parts you can see to brush.
With a brush, you can easily reach the sides and tops of your teeth. But the surfaces between the teeth need to be cleaned also. That is why your dentist recommends flossing between the teeth every day.