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Invisalign/Invisalign Teen

Invisalign “Invisible Braces”

What people frequently call invisible braces are not traditional braces at all. They are a series of clear, removable aligners that are worn to straighten the teeth. They can correct some, but not all, orthodontic problems. The clear aligners not only help correct your teeth the same way that typical braces do, but they also allow for a metal-free mouth while helping patients maintain easy oral hygiene habits. Because the clear trays are easily removable, brushing and flossing between teeth is a breeze.

A patient using Invisalign will wear their aligners full time (except for meals and when brushing and flossing) and they are replaced every two weeks. Each tray moves the teeth a little farther in the desired direction. The movements are slow and steady with little discomfort. Visits with the orthodontist are scheduled every six weeks to monitor the progress and adjusted as needed. The number of trays and length of treatment depends on the individual patient and the initial orthodontic problem.

Invisalign treatment can be combined with AcceleDent to reduce treatment time.

Invisalign Teen

Many teens are also interested in Invisalign treatment because it is almost unnoticeable. Invisalign Teen is basically the same as Invisalign but is adapted for a younger mouth that may not have all of the permanent teeth completely erupted.