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Cost and Insurance


At Fornero Orthodontics, there is no charge for a patent’s first appointment. We feel it is important that patients and parents can schedule an appointment to get basic information on possible treatment plans and the costs before making any decisions.

Once a treatment plan is chosen, then payment arrangements can be made. This can vary from an extended payment plan over the estimated time of treatment to paying the fee in full at the beginning of treatment and receiving a discount.

The cost of treatment will vary depending on the complexity of each patent’s orthodontic problem, and you will be able to discuss fees and payment plans before any treatment has begun. We accept payment by cash, check, or credit card. You can also arrange with your bank for automatic payments for your convenience.


If you have orthodontic insurance, we will help you determine the extent of your coverage. We will ask that insurance benefits be assigned directly to the office and the portion of the fee that is not paid by insurance can be arranged into a payment plan for you.

We will help in any way possible and will file insurance forms for you, but we cannot affect the portion of the fees that your insurance company will pay. Any portion not paid by insurance will be the patient’s or the parent of a child patient’s responsibility.