AcceleDent® - Fornero Orthodontics


This innovative treatment can cut orthodontic treatment time by one-third, helping patients obtain their perfect smile in less time when it is combined with their regular treatment. AcceleDent® uses SoftPulse Technology® to speed up tooth movement by generating small vibrations called micropulses. These micropulses gently accelerate the movement of one’s teeth as the orthodontist guides them into the proper positions.

AcceleDent® is a hands-free device that is simple to use. Patients will need to charge the device overnight via a USB port. Once charged, patients can insert the mouthpiece into the activator, place inside their mouths, turn on the AcceleDent® unit, and use for 20 continuous minutes each day. After 20 minutes, the device will power off automatically, making treatment easy and effective.

AcceleDent® also makes charting one’s treatment a breeze with the Fast Track Report, which allows patients and doctors to view a usage report and history on the computer. The patient or doctor can plug the device into a computer using the USB port and chart the treatment with ease on their computer.