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Rewards Center

Welcome to the Rewards Center

At Fornero Orthodontics, you can earn fun prizes or enter to win drawings or contests throughout the year.  We want to give fun rewards to patients for their advancements throughout their treatment. Find out how you can earn rewards below.

Our token program is designed to reward patients for excellent cooperation with their orthodontic treatment.  Up to 4 tokens can be earned at each appointment after treatment begins.

Here’s how they are earned:

1.  Being on time for your appointment.

2.  Having clean teeth and braces.

3.  Having no broken appliances.

4. Wearing your Fornero Orthodontics T-shirt the day of your appointment.

We provide token cups for saving your tokens and they can be cashed in for gift certificates.  We keep Wal-mart and Target on hand, but with a little notice we can provide gift certificates to just about any local restaurant or store of your choice.