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Are You Afraid Of The Dentist?

Are You Afraid Of The Dentist?



If you are nervous or anxious about going to the dentist, realize that you are not alone. You are not the only person with a dental anxiety and you are definitely not the only dentally anxious patient that your dentist has treated. Whatever the reason for your fears, a good dental team can make sure your emotional health is taken care of along with your dental health.

Here are some tips to help you cope with your worries:
– Always speak up. Tell your dentist about your anxiety. Voice your concerns so your dental team is aware and can address your needs.
– Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes knowing what is going to happen can help alleviate fears. As the dentist to explain each procedure before they begin.
– Agree on a signal. Let your dentist know that by raising your hand you are saying that you need a break.
– Wear headphones if the sounds of the drill, air, or suction bothers you.
– Occupy your hands with something like a stress ball.
– Practice visualization. Imagine yourself relaxing at the beach or any other “happy place”. Relaxation starts in the mind.

Above all, DO NOT avoid the dentist! Seeing your dentist regularly can make the whole process more familiar and easier. Preventive care can also help you avoid needing more complex dental work. Keep it simple!